Football boots – part 3 of 4in4.

Boots, the most important piece of kit when it come to playing football.

Yesterday, I wrote about kits I did and didn’t like. Today it’s going to be about boots. I’m going to go through 4 pairs of boots I like and 4 I don’t for whatever reason.

In no certain order, ones I like:

  • Nike Tiempo

Huge fan of the Tiempo from Nike, it’s the boots I’ve chosen to play in since 2012. However I must stress that I only ever go for black ones, I like classic-ness of them and fact that they don’t stand out. Also my dad is strictly black boots only, so I wasn’t allowed anything else when I was younger.

Image result for nike tiempo black and white

  • Adidas Predator

The ones from the mid-noughties were the best, the modern day ones have been ruined by Adidas. They defined a type of football that wore them in the same way Oasis defined the Britpop era. Gerrard, Lampard, Beckham and Zidane all wore them to name a few. They are also beautiful to look at.

Image result for adidas predator 2007

  • Nike T90

Again, it was the earlier models that stood out for me, they were the boots that kids at school had to make them look like Thierry Henry. They were also the first kind of football boot to have different colour options other than black and white. Much like the Predators, they defined a player, a group headed by the legandary Ronaldo.

Related image

  • Puma Kings

Ask someone to draw you a black and white boot and it’ll probably look like this. Says it all, classic, stylish, comfy and no-nonsense. Enough said really.

Related image

Now, I know football moves along with the times and trends and styles change, but these boots for me have gone a bit OTT.

  • Nike Mercurial

The first boots to come in an array of colours that opened the game to a whole type of fashion nonsense. Nike’s marketing campaign for this, also got into the customers head that if you buy them you are suddenly better at football, good mark for Nike, not good if you’re bad at football.

Image result for nike mercurial vapor 4

  • Adidas F50+ Tunit

I remeber reading about these in a kids football magazine when I was about 8 or 9. They came in just before Nike released the Mercurial, but these boots had interchangable components, to make they your own. Seemed amazing to 9-year-old Ed, seems down right silly now, and I’m glad it didn’t catch on.

Image result for adidas f50 tunit

  • Nike Hypervenom

Who in the right frame of mind would want these? The thing that immediatley put me off them was the fact that they were endorsed by the half-fit, one-footed, overpaid primadonna that is Daniel Sturridge. Even if it wasn’t him on the campaign I still struggle to see how these ever caught on.

Image result for nike hypervenom

  • Adidas Primeknit

A football boot that was knitted. Yep, you read that right. And, apparantly, Luis Suarez used to wear them, however, I struggle to see how this would change the deadly right foot of the world’s best striker at the moment. Still, it was a silly idea.

Related image

Thanks for reading, the final part of 4in4 is coming tomorrow.


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